Welcome to my online portfolio! My name is Rand, and I am a husband, father, designer, and developer. I write about design & development, hack on code, and tweet about my experiences.

I co-founded Skosh Interactive, but you can also find me working as a front-end engineer at Kaggle. I built and actively maintain the front-end framework Fuselage.

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Utilizing a creative and development process is a great idea. It maximizes efficiency and provides a strong framework in which to create precise solutions for a multitude of challenges —both visual and technical. In a world full of sloppy work, it pays to have a tried and true course of action.

Magnifying Glass Illustration

Research & Define

Lightbulb Illustration

Brainstorm & Strategize

Wrench Illustration

Construct & Polish

Rocket Illustration

Deploy & Assess


A Quick JS Error Debugger

Although not very elaborate, here is a quick example of a self-contained JavaScript debugger that can bring problems to your attention … read more

CSS Media Query Debugger

I’ve made differing variations of this simple debugger based on name conventions in each project. Whether I use “small”, “medium”, “large”, or “mobile”, “tablet”, “desktop”, this is easy to customize … read more

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Case Studies

Northland Christian Counseling Center Site

You don’t have to spend much time at Northland to get a taste of the love they have for the people who come through their doors. Communicating that sentiment when someone walks through their “virtual door” is critical to them. … read more

5:12 Life House Logo

One of the things I love about having a side business is being able to take on some design work that I otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to do. There’s nothing quite like firing up Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, and urging my hands to remember what to do. … read more

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