Headshot of Me


My formal education is from the University of North Dakota, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design & New Art Media. After a successful start as a graphic designer at the great ad agency, Ad Monkeys in Grand Forks, ND, I dove headlong into learning web development.

Passionate about perfecting my craft, I took a position with the North Dakota University System Core Technology Services as a Web Applications Developer in 2013. Additionally, I became a father and cofounded Skosh Interactive, L.L.C the same year. Besides full stack development and IT Consulting, we have helped clients through designing logos, building websites, and establishing their brands. As of January 2016, I began working remotely as a front-end engineer at Kaggle, where I am helping make data science easier to do.

I created and maintain a mobile-first front-end framework called Fuselage, which is built on Sass and aimed at structural composability. With no javascript dependencies, it is a great starting place for nearly all of my projects.

My wife and I, with our three kids, dog, and cat live in Grand Forks, ND. I love woodworking, chess, basketball, disc golf, video games, and learning new things.


I am quite picky about my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and am very comfortable with CSS preprocessors like Sass and Less, and JavaScript libraries like React or jQuery. I learn frameworks like Foundation, Bootstrap, or Node. I love tools like TypeScript, Grunt, Gulp, and Webpack, and work almost exclusively on the command line. I may or may not have spent a ton of time customizing my Zsh prompt.

I've worked with JavaScript, TypeScript, ColdFusion, Python, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. I prefer Git, especially on GitHub. I think Vim is pretty cool, but am most comfortable with Sublime Text or Atom as a text editor. I dig Macs or other flavors of Unix, but am comfortable with Windows (though I will never forgive Internet Explorer).

I'm at home with mockup or charting software such as Balsamiq or Lucidchart, and love using the Adobe Creative Suite ( Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop). I've done a fair bit of photography, and am particular when it comes to writing copy.


This site is built with Fuselage, a Sass-based, mobile-first front end framework aimed at developer productivity and structural composability. It is powered using Jekyll and is hosted on GitHub Pages. It uses jQuery for some of the fancy features.