A Quick JS Error Debugger

Although not very elaborate, here is a quick example of a self-contained JavaScript debugger that can bring problems to your attention … read more

CSS Media Query Debugger

I’ve made differing variations of this simple debugger based on name conventions in each project. Whether I use “small”, “medium”, “large”, or “mobile”, “tablet”, “desktop”, this is easy to customize … read more

Not-so-simple Forms with React

React’s form documentation focuses on basic properties and outlines the differences between controlled and uncontrolled components within forms, but composing more advanced forms is left up to the imagination of the developer … read more

A Grunt, Sass, and SVG Workflow

We are right in the middle of building a web app at Skosh Interactive. It was mere splash page and newsletter signup that needed to grow into Flask app with quite a few features –and ideally be mobile-friendly … read more

SVG Should Be Your First Choice

As a graphic designer with plenty of print experience, The first thing I reach for when I need a visual element is a vector-based file. If there are none to be had, something inside of me sighs sadly as I settle for a pixelled fallback … read more