Northland Christian Counseling Center Site

You don’t have to spend much time at Northland to get a taste of the love they have for the people who come through their doors. Communicating that sentiment when someone walks through their “virtual door” is critical to them. … read more

5:12 Life House Logo

One of the things I love about having a side business is being able to take on some design work that I otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to do. There’s nothing quite like firing up Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, and urging my hands to remember what to do. … read more

Big Backyard Outreach Event

I was first contacted about this project in May 2015, and was asked to design a sign to promote a series of outdoor events the church was hosting. The sentiment behind the project was very apparent from the first meeting we had, and the name “Big Backyard” stuck like glue … read more

Fuselage: A Front-End Framework

Although the world may not need another front-end framework, it became apparent over the years that I personally needed one. I needed to form opinions on the liberties that other frameworks take, recreate some common conventions with my own optimizations, and control dependencies. … read more

Alys Seay Headshots

Upon initial setup, the sun was casting a harsh light on one side of her face, so we had to get creative. I ended up setting the camera and the chair up in a way to diffuse the sun through some leaves, which worked out rather well … read more

UND Proctoring Web Application

UND Online & Distance Education already had a Proctoring system that our team was maintaining, but it was built eons ago in Coldfusion 9. To its credit, this app has been chugging along faithfully … read more

Anderson Crain Investment Group Logo Design

Anderson-Crain Investment Group is a private equity real estate company that is active in the Midwest, Southwest, and Northeast markets … read more

BFA Senior Exhibition: Pictures Worth Countless Words

It was held in the Colonel Eugene E. Myers Art Gallery in the Hughes Fine Art Center on the University of North Dakota campus from November 26-29. Entitled “Pictures Worth Countless Words”, I recreated well-known photographs … read more

Just the Facts Campaign

In this campaign I worked with the University of North Dakota Health & Wellness Hub to create a noticeable campaign centered around engaging facts regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs … read more

Green Gallop 2012

The University of North Dakota Homecoming Spirit Run was a 1.5 mile, 5K, and 10K family walk/run hosted by the UND Wellness Center. In this project I worked closely with the event coordinator, and handled nearly all … read more

Fall Intramurals 2012 Campaign

In this campaign I worked with the RecSports coordinator at the UND Wellness Center to increase both interest and awareness of the upcoming intramural sports. I utilized old photographs … read more

UND Health & Wellness Unit Typographical Branding

The University of North Dakota Health and Wellness Unit consists of many different branches, and was in need of strong brand to unify it. Consisting of the Health & Wellness Hub … read more